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Media Releases

In the first incident the male person had approached and touched the female and then ran away from the area.

The second incident the female was followed for a distance and when she noticed the male following her, she went to a nearby store and the male left the area.

The third incident the male person had approached and touched the female and took her purse and bag and fled from the area.

There were no injuries reported at this time. The male is described as being 17-20yrs old, slim build, wearing a blue hoodie.

Police checked the areas for the possible suspect and were unable to locate anyone matching the description provided by the victims.

Should there be any similar incidents, police encourage people to report them as soon as possible, so police can respond to the location quickly and attempt to locate a suspect.

Anyone with information about these incidents or the potential suspect is asked to contact police at 563-5151 or anonymously through CrimeStoppers at 562-8477 and online at www.capebretoncrimestoppers.ca.