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Street Crime Unit

The Street Crime Unit responds primarily to complaints and incidents of illegal drug activity, including importation, cultivation and distribution, as well as the collection of information from sources. Their main priority is to reduce the number of individuals involved in the distribution and consumption of illegal drugs, especially prescription pills.

Prescription pain killers - Oxycodone, Hyrdomorphone, Percodan, Percocet, Morphine - continue to be the most commonly seized drug in the CBRM. Because of their highly addicitve quality, Ocycodone and Hydromorphone are particularly dangerous; they appear to be the greatest contributor to the rising number of habitual drug users in our region. Street Crime officers learn of new people involved in the illegal use of prescription pills almost every day.

An aggressive approach towards street-level drug distribution has decreased the number of serious issues connected to it. There are fewer drug-related deaths and lower crime rates; the Street Crime Unit continues to expand on its knowledge base, awareness and abilities in drug investigations to help continue reducing the drugs and crime throughout the CBRM.