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October 11, 2016

Police advise motorists to drive with caution throughout the CBRM, ask both motorists and pedestrians to yield to road closures and barricades

Advisory to both motorists and pedestrians

Cape Breton Regional Police are now advising that motorists can resume driving on roadways throughout the CBRM, but to proceed slowly and with caution. As always, both motorists and pedestrians are advised to obey all traffic signs posted throughout the CBRM. As CBRM Public Works crews, other maintenance crews and first responders continue to work on roadways, police are advising that any motorist or pedestrian who fails to obey a traffic sign, particularly regarding road closures and street barricades, are subject to a Summary Offence Ticket (SOT) under the Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Act. The first offence for this fine is $180.00. These road closures and barricades are not only posted for the safety of maintenance crews and first responders, but also for the safety of both motorists and pedestrians, as the damage sustained to these areas pose a serious safety risk.

Preliminary list of road closures (subject to change)

There continues to be a number of roadways which are closed in the CBRM. These roadways include, but are not limited to:

· Cabot Street

· Royal Avenue

· St. Peters Road

· Whitney Avenue

· Brooklyn Street

· Union Street

· Weidner Drive

· Kings Road near Weidner Drive

· North end of Charlotte Street

· North end of George Street

· Interval Road

· Salmon River Road

· MacKeigan Road near Marion Bridge

· Beechmont Road

· Bourinot Road, Frenchvale to Eskasoni Highway

· Coxheath Road near Burton Drive

· Trout Brook Road near Trunk 22

· Marconi Towers Road

· Hornes Road

· Highway 255 near Port Morien

Please note this is a preliminary list of road closures, and that this list is subject to change at any time. Again, police are advising that both motorists and pedestrians must obey all road closures and street barricades, regardless of whether or not that street closure is included on this list. Additionally, there are a number of rural roads throughout the CBRM which have yet to be fully assessed, but have sustained damage and are currently closed.

Power outages affecting traffic lights

Police are advising that as power outages continue across the CBRM, motorists must treat any traffic light intersection that has been affected by a power outage as a 4-way stop.

CBRM comfort centres will remain open

As citizens continue to deal with excessive flooding and power loss, the 3 comfort centers throughout the CBRM will remain open until further notice. The comfort centres are located at:

· Reserve Mines Fire Hall

· North Sydney Firemen’s Club

· Grand Lake Road Volunteer Fire Department (please note this comfort centre will also serve as an overnight shelter, provided by the Red Cross, from 5:00 PM on for those who wish to stay for a prolonged period or overnight. Those who wish to only stay short term are also able to do so)

Citizens who require a comfort centre or shelter due to flooding, power loss, etc. are reminded to only attend a location if you are able to do so safely. If citizens who require a comfort centre are unable to attend safely themselves, please call the non-emergency dispatch number at 902-563-5151, or if it is an emergency, please call 911. These locations will remain open until further notice.