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Pace Car Program

Initially established in Australia, the Pace Car Program is aimed at promoting safe roadways for its users. It was brought to Nova Scotia through a partnership between Active & Safe Routes to School, the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewa,l and the IWK Health Centre Foundation. The CBRPS become involved with the Pace Car program, promoting it at schools and attending Pace Car Program meetings throughout the community.

The main concept of the program is to encourage drivers to sign a pledge, demonstrating their commitment to drive within the speed limit and show courtesy to all road users. In addition to slowing down traffic, they help to reduce impacts on the environment by instilling confidence in pedestrians and cyclists, encouraging the use of alternative, greener means of transportation.

To show thier participation, drivers place a sticker on their vehicle.

Mobile Speedbump

Since its formation in Nova Scotia in 2006, over 20 communities and 2000 pace car drivers have become involved in the Pace Car Program. For more information or anyone wishing to participate, visit Pace Car or contact Active & Safe Routes to School in Nova Scotia at (902) 442-5055.