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Media Releases

Police investigate motor vehicle and pedestrian collision

October 20, 2016

At approximately 7:30 PM on October 19, Cape Breton Regional Police responded to a MVA, where a vehicle and a pedestrian collided at the intersection of Welton Street and Willow Street in Sydney.

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Road closure advisory

October 13, 2016

Cape Breton Regional Police are advising that the following road closures will take effect immediately:

· St. Peter’s Road between Hospital Street and Center Street

· Royal Avenue between Hospital Street and Center Street

· Cabot Street between Hospital Street and Cottage Road

Both motorists and pedestrians are advised to obey all traffic signs posted in this area, and throughout the CBRM.

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October 11, 2016

Police advise motorists to drive with caution throughout the CBRM, ask both motorists and pedestrians to yield to road closures and barricades

Advisory to both motorists and pedestrians

Cape Breton Regional Police are now advising that motorists can resume driving on roadways throughout the CBRM, but to proceed slowly and with caution. As always, both motorists and pedestrians are advised to obey all traffic signs posted throughout the CBRM. As CBRM Public Works crews, other maintenance crews and first responders continue to work on roadways, police are advising that any motorist or pedestrian who fails to obey a traffic sign, particularly regarding road closures and street barricades, are subject to a Summary Offence Ticket (SOT) under the Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Act. The first offence for this fine is $180.00. These road closures and barricades are not only posted for the safety of maintenance crews and first responders, but also for the safety of both motorists and pedestrians, as the damage sustained to these areas pose a serious safety risk.

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Police respond to Townsend Street in Sydney

October 7, 2016

At approximately 8:25 PM on October 6, Cape Breton Regional Police responded to Townsend Street in Sydney, after a report that a woman had fallen off the fire escape of an apartment building.

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Police investigate theft in Sydney

October 5, 2016

At approximately 12:00 PM on October 5, Cape Breton Regional Police responded to Smitty’s Restaurant on Prince Street in Sydney, after receiving a report of theft, where a male took an undisclosed amount of money and then fled the scene. No injuries were reported.

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CBRPS responds to potential threat to schools

October 2, 2016

Cape Breton Regional Police are investigating after receiving multiple reports of two different Instagram accounts citing potential threats towards Sherwood Park Education Centre, Whitney Pier Memorial Junior High School, Sydney Academy, Riverview High School, Breton Education Centre, Glace Bay High School, Malcolm Munroe Memorial Junior High School and Oceanview Education Centre.

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