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Neighbourhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch was developed as a method for concerned citizens to become pro-active problem solvers for criminal activity in their neighborhoods. Residents work together to build community safety and resolve issues of criminal activity in their areas. When concerned citizens come together, more crime is reported to police, which often results in more charges and an end to the community crime.

The CBRPS assists community residents to establish Neighbourhood Watch groups, by attending community meetings and informing citizens of the crime prevention measures they can take to help keep them and their neighbours safe. Police make signage available to post throughout the community, and work with citizens to follow-up on any information that might lead to criminal charges.

In 2011, the Association for Safer Cape Breton Communities partnered with the Sydney Credit Union and the GIANT Radio Station to establish the GIANT Neighbourhood Watch. Daily radio spots remind citizens how to be safe and watch out for their neighbours, as well as contact informtion to report any suspicious activity or a crime in progress. When there is a particluar area in the CBRM being affected by criminal activity, police work with the GIANT Radio Station to alert listeners in these areas of extra precautions and encourage the sharing of information that can assist police in their investigations.