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Media Releases

Man charged for drug-impaired driving

November 5, 2018

Cape Breton Regional Police arrested a man for impaired driving early Sunday morning after officers observed him stopped in his vehicle at a George Street intersection in Sydney, while the light was green, and then proceed through the yellow light and cross over between lanes.

Further investigation, including both a Breath Demand and Drug Recognition Evaluation, resulted in the driver being charged with Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle by Drug, as well as a 7-day suspension of his drivers licences for a blood alcohol content between .05 and .08, as per the Regulations of the Motor Vehicle Act.Officers also located rolled cannabis joints in the man’s car and issued the driver a Summary Offence Ticket for Illegally Transporting Cannabis in a Vehicle, contrary to section 23 of the Cannabis Control Act.

The 32-year-old from Frenchvale was released on a Promise to Appear in Sydney Provincial Court on May 6, 2019.