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Media Releases

Police have received complaints about some incidents where individuals are hired to complete repair or cleaning services around people’s homes and then not completing it, or committing thefts while there doing the work. In many cases these incidents involve senior residents; financial situations, health needs or the reliance on others to do home repairs can make seniors potential targets for these types of scams.

To ensure hired help is reputable and legitimate, police recommend homeowners request professional identification and references from past customers. Ask lots of questions about the person’s qualifications and experience and check their credentials with the Better Business Bureau. It’s a good idea to obtain a detailed written contract – including work to be completed, the completion date and the price – before the work begins. And, homeowners should avoid doing business with salespeople or contractors who approach you first, seeking out or identifying work they feel needs to be done at your home.

If a person is not willing to provide the kind of information you ask for, do not take the risk of hiring that person; there are many experienced and reliable contractors working in the CBRM and homeowners should trust the people they hire and be comfortable having them in and around their homes.

For further information and resources, visit www.hiringacontractor.com.