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Media Releases

Fatal collision investigation continues 

June 13, 2018

Cape Breton Regional Police continue to investigate the cause of the weekend’s fatal motor vehicle-pedestrian collision on Highway 223 Sunday morning; based on first-hand observations from several officers at the scene, as well as further investigation, there is no evidence to indicate the driver of the vehicle was impaired. Traffic Safety investigators, with assistance from the Forensic Identification Unit, are reconstructing the collision and awaiting results of vehicle ana

Major Crime investigators are also assisting to determine the circumstances leading up to the collision, including information about a gathering of young people at a home in the nearby area that night. Police had been called to a residence on the Leitches Creek highway on two separate occasions – at 1:00 AM and 3:00 AM – in response to concerns about the large numbers of people in attendance, the potential for fights and impaired driving, and had also been making regular patrols of the area throughout the night. As a result, officers did arrest two different individuals for public intoxication and one impaired driver. At the time of the 3:00 AM call, responding officers decided to remain at the property to attempt help ensure the safe departure of everyone leaving.  Officers did not enter onto the private property to disperse guests, but remained at the roadway and monitored people leaving to ensure drivers were sober. It was while officers were on scene here that they received information from 9-1-1 dispatch that a caller had reported an injured male on the roadway of Highway 223, a substantial distance down from the property of the gathering.  

During this season of graduation milestones, Cape Breton Regional Police urge students and parents to please celebrate safely and responsibly! Possession and consumption of alcohol under the age of 19 is a violation of the Liquor Control Act. Furthermore, buying, procuring and supplying alcohol to minors are serious violations of the Liquor Control Act that if charged, result in an appearance before a provincial Court Judge. And, allowing the consumption of alcohol on private property carries civil liabilities for any incidents that might happen as a result of the consumption of alcohol on that property.  “Research shows an accepted culture of overdrinking in our communities, and data from the local health authority specifically identifies the age of initiation to alcohol as young as 12,” says Cape Breton Regional Police Chief Peter McIsaac. “The proposed Municipal Alcohol Policy is a very important start to educating our community about these issues and putting measures in place to address them, particularly when it comes to alcohol exposure among our young people, and as Chief of Police, I sincerely hope that our municipality will make this policy a priority to prevent any more serious tragedies in our community.”