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Emergency Response Team

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) is the tactical unit of the CBRPS, consisting of 18 officers specially trained to deal with high-risk situations such as weapons incidents, hostage taking, barricaded person, emotionally disturbed persons, high-risk arrests and warrants, and protection details.

ERT is on-call and available to assist citizens in the CBRM 24-hours per day, 7 days per week. In many departments the officers are normally deployed to regular duties, but are available for SWAT calls via pagers, mobile phones or radio transceivers. SWAT personnel would normally be seen in crime suppression roles—specialized and more dangerous than regular patrol, perhaps, but the officers would not be carrying their distinctive armor and weapons.

The teams train at their Central Division station as well as at various other locations within the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM).

In order to serve the CBRM better, the ERT maintains a close working relationship with other police tactical teams including the Toronto Police Service Emergency Task Force (ETF).


In addition to a Mobile Command Post, the ERT has and uses a variety of specialized equipment including:

  • MP5A3 9 mm Submachine Guns
  • Remington 700 bolt-action Sniper Rifles
  • Remington 870 Shotguns
  • Diemaco C8 Carbines
  • X26 Tasers
  • Pepper spray (OC Spray) and Tear Gas (CS Gas)
  • Rubber Bullets and Bean Bag Rounds

The ERT uses Chevrolet Suburban vehicles, as well as an an armoured vehicle that can be used to rescue injured civilians or officers.