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Media Releases

Police originally responded to reports of a possible impaired driver at approximately 2:00 AM; police located and when they attempted to stop the driver, he instead sped away. Police followed at a safe distance, keeping the driver in sight until he stopped, at which time they placed him under arrest. Upon exiting the vehicle, the driver showed signs of drug impairment and a Drug Recognition Expert was called to the scene. 

The suspect was transported to Lock-Up and police executed a search of his vehicle under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, seizing a quantity of Marijuana and Ecstasy. 

The man will be remanded to the Cape Breton Correctional Centre until his Court appearance, when he'll face charges of: Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Flight from Police, Impaired Driving, Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking in Marijuana, Possession of Ecstasy and three Breaches.