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Media Releases

Police remind motorists to pay particular attention to school zone speed limits – 30km/h in areas where the approaching speed limit is 50 km/h and 50 km/h where the approaching speed limit is higher – when children are present (outdoors, within 30 meters of the roadway). Reducing speed provides more time to react to the unexpected, when children may be distracted and forget to watch for traffic.

Obey posted signs and directions of crossing guards, and watch for children in and around school areas and crossing the street. Recent changes to the Crosswalk Guard program in the CBRM means there are nine fewer intersections with a crossing guard present. When crossing streets, police remind students to keep their heads up and pay attention to surround vehicles, make eye contact with drivers and wait until vehicles come to a complete stop before crossing the street.

Police also ask motorists to pay attention to school bus signals as students are picked up and dropped off. Drivers must stop when a school bus displays its flashing alternating red lights, whether they are driving behind the bus or toward the bus in the opposing lane. This applies on all roadways.

To ensure safety of school children, police will be patrolling school zones in the CBRM and enforcing motor vehicle regulations. The penalty for illegally passing a school bus is 6 points again the license and a fine starting at $406.45. Speed fines double in school zones, starting at $348.95  for a first offence. And, failing to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk can result in a fine starting at $693.95

Cape Breton Regional Police thank motorists for helping keep CBRM streets safe for children and youth in our communities.